Pulling Dark Matter or I quit NBA 2K21

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Ай мурун

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Indiana Pacers fan
Indiana Pacers fan 21 саат мурун
Saboner sounds like a spell
tori hills
tori hills 4 күн мурун
John Antolini
John Antolini 5 күн мурун
Joshua Alejo
Joshua Alejo 6 күн мурун
Don’t Quit 😭
Angels Brad On Xbox
Angels Brad On Xbox 10 күн мурун
Set your location to a poor country so it costs less for vc
Young savage Mcrae
Young savage Mcrae 10 күн мурун
THAT is sad
MINI CORPSE 11 күн мурун
I love video keep it up
Chet Mitchell
Chet Mitchell 11 күн мурун
59:20 :)
Alpha Ghost
Alpha Ghost 12 күн мурун
Imagine paying thousands of dollars to not get guaranteed anything you want...2k got to stop this is wrong on all levels
Roman Poindexter
Roman Poindexter 13 күн мурун
DrippyJay 102k
DrippyJay 102k 14 күн мурун
I was watching this for ever,atleast he got the dark matter
Envy aka I got opals
Envy aka I got opals 14 күн мурун
Gar'ys food revieww
박미정 14 күн мурун
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MrMixTape 14 күн мурун
240, 8/10. 24 and 8. Kobe.
Jonathan Trammell
Jonathan Trammell 18 күн мурун
Haydan Efird
Haydan Efird 21 күн мурун
What’s up troydan
Professor Legend
Professor Legend 21 күн мурун
Tell Eddie to post more vids.
Atlas Erpul
Atlas Erpul 28 күн мурун
Sup Troy 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Chauncey B
Chauncey B 28 күн мурун
Ayo troy sounds jealous of all the girls Gary’s been with
toemad 29 күн мурун
whats the song at 1:18:45?
Eric Zhang
Eric Zhang 29 күн мурун
The adjoining bone informally smile because twist aesthetically bounce under a acceptable period. superficial, parsimonious expansion
Trap_Cartz Ай мурун
Nobody: ABSOLUTELY NOBODY: Troydan: Opens 240 packs to get a dark matter Me: gets it in my first pack with a dark matter Kevin Garnett
Snorlaxx _YT
Snorlaxx _YT Ай мурун
Someone put the time stamp where Troy said cocaine and accessories
Neon Ladd
Neon Ladd Ай мурун
he pulled it at 248 or as i call it, 24/8
The Jonesy
The Jonesy Ай мурун
Sergio Hernandez
Sergio Hernandez Ай мурун
Play warriors rockstar games
Zeke Pway
Zeke Pway Ай мурун
It’s the food reviews for me 😂. “He needs to review the women he’s been with!” I’m dead.
Lil Pebble
Lil Pebble Ай мурун
kingsavagebruh Ай мурун
Rip Kobe 240 packs and it was the number 8 in the box 😭😭😭😭
coldmetalzer0 1
coldmetalzer0 1 Ай мурун
The look on his face when andrew bogut donated and he blew it off was amazing ... Hahaha
24/8 kobe
denzel gregoire
denzel gregoire Ай мурун
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Haydan Efird
Haydan Efird Ай мурун
Haydan Efird
Haydan Efird Ай мурун
Haydan Efird
Haydan Efird Ай мурун
Haydan Efird
Haydan Efird Ай мурун
Haydan Efird
Haydan Efird Ай мурун
TS - 06CS 812062 Erin Centre MS
TS - 06CS 812062 Erin Centre MS Ай мурун
The amount of money u spent....
Trace Henderson
Trace Henderson Ай мурун
24 24
Jay King
Jay King Ай мурун
Bruh hhhhhhhh
P Ай мурун
The disrespect that you put toward Vince carters name is insane and you more from CANADA HE SHOULD BE YOU FVORITE PLAYER EVER
Lukas Robb
Lukas Robb Ай мурун
1:46:38 was hilarious 😂
Stefano Dal Vecchio
Stefano Dal Vecchio Ай мурун
Le Chicken
Le Chicken Ай мурун
tole Ай мурун
Cristian Palacios
Cristian Palacios Ай мурун
Ladusingh TV
Ladusingh TV Ай мурун
Yo I thought I was click the wrong video
Kbclutchcurry Ай мурун
Aye Troydan play me in 21 or 20 myteam
Noah Melby
Noah Melby Ай мурун
You're the best
Noah Melby
Noah Melby Ай мурун
I love you Troydan
Ximon Mendoza
Ximon Mendoza Ай мурун
Daniel Warren - biers is the goat
Con Fold
Con Fold Ай мурун
My birthday is March23rd
Cris Deo Ouano
Cris Deo Ouano Ай мурун
Play NBA life mobile Troy plz
Lisa Granlund
Lisa Granlund Ай мурун
Cuh Alv
Cuh Alv Ай мурун
I’m sad I didn’t pull out a dm 🥲🤣
Rah Mustafa
Rah Mustafa Ай мурун
24k on 2k is crazy basically spent it on one card
Sleepy Edd
Sleepy Edd Ай мурун
It's shit like this that makes 2K NEVER CHANGE. Stop spending your $ on this trash. You finally get the stupid thing and don't even really care. Fuck this shit dude.
ApeSocietyVIP Ай мурун
See now that’s a good question I can’t really answer. I’m not Troy nor am I young, or the creator of this game so I really can’t tell you the answer to that
Sleepy Edd
Sleepy Edd Ай мурун
@ApeSocietyVIP I get it. It's about money. But why? How is spending thousands of dollars on loot boxes for a digital card a good thing? What type if message is this sending to the youth who are the majority of his audience? You can see Troy's gambling addiction as plain as day, and that's why I'm pissed off. This is gambling, 100% It's quite sad imo.
ApeSocietyVIP Ай мурун
@Sleepy Edd Since they began dude? Competitions, content, sorry to burst your bubble it’s for money. I bet you Troy doesn’t like my team anymore because he plays it everyday. Why do u think that is? Content Creators do play games they enjoy, but they do it for money as well. And where are you taking this? You ur self are asking why he’s spending his money on this “trash” and I just told u because he makes more money in return. Your hopefully not 5 you need to understand this is how the world works. Even though I wish it wasn’t like this and 2k didn’t charge us 1000s of dollars to win a game.
Sleepy Edd
Sleepy Edd Ай мурун
@ApeSocietyVIP when did video games become about money tho? I remember when it was about having fun. I could give a fuck about how much money anyone has.
ApeSocietyVIP Ай мурун
Dude u don’t understand business? He’s doing this to attract views and sponsors. He’s probably also using sponsorship money, and he makes more than he spends so in turn it’s good for him because it’s profit. This means he gets more,and more money by spending money on 2k.
Smacktalkula 590
Smacktalkula 590 Ай мурун
Mamba Mentality
Nathan Woodin
Nathan Woodin Ай мурун
Spent thousands for this card jesus. I got him with just plain ol mt 😂😂😂😂
Nathan Woodin
Nathan Woodin Ай мурун
Wow opened so many damn packs. I got dark matter jordan in like 40 packs
Christy Baranowski
Christy Baranowski Ай мурун
240 packs for a dark matter
Bishop Ай мурун
Troy daddy
Tyler White
Tyler White Ай мурун
Haha I'll make a onlyfans
Muhammad und bala Tv
Muhammad und bala Tv Ай мурун
My frist nba is 13
Haviidh Ай мурун
Dark Lives Matter
Drew Brees
Drew Brees Ай мурун
Why does he not like comments
ZP All Day
ZP All Day Ай мурун
Old-Greg00 Ай мурун
It’s so funny how he opened so many packs and I got 2 packs and pulled i Dark matter zion
Ajreed Ай мурун
The chicken sandwich do be fire doe 🔥
Moto 257
Moto 257 Ай мурун
Troydan calmly recommended a man to eat crayons
I The Greatest
I The Greatest Ай мурун
Pack 240 for Kobe 💯
Not Zach Lavine
Not Zach Lavine Ай мурун
He got it on 8/10 and on the 240 pack Kobe giving him luck?
GhostVenom Garage
GhostVenom Garage Ай мурун
Idk if you did this or not but you should take the nba players from space jam and create a roster for a game. I think there was 6 guys.
Dino Tube
Dino Tube Ай мурун
This is the fucking Kobe pack TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY (24) pack 8/10 which are Kobe’s numbers
kazden jones jr
kazden jones jr Ай мурун
letssssssss gooooo and on 240 and 8
BroddyRich Ай мурун
He pulled it on pack 💜240💛
Rodney Upsher
Rodney Upsher Ай мурун
Stop posting gambling videos to these kids for views smh it’s like buying lottery tickets. U gone win 1$ 5$ and 10$ here and there but winning 100$ is few and far between. STOP PROMOTING GAMBLING
NTS 17
NTS 17 Ай мурун
Quadruple Nines
Quadruple Nines Ай мурун
Do a stream with zesty, fungus, and donj pls
Michael M
Michael M Ай мурун
1 d.m for $8k. Hold this L.
Juan Ай мурун
When pay to win its an understatement
Jake Bloom
Jake Bloom Ай мурун
I got U fam 2:35:48
Odd Gunner
Odd Gunner Ай мурун
I’ve worked in Michigan all over salting and doing anything and everything and yeah Detroit isn’t the best I have actually been on 8 mile as well it’s pretty cool to see where Eminem lived but at the same time it’s not the best the stores and everything are nice that’s about it lmao
Rektboi Ай мурун
anyone else suddenly remember Blaz_ey_Fear_ey?
Micha Przychodzki
Micha Przychodzki Ай мурун
Next time you should make a 15 hours video where you open 1 pack. Idiot
Sniffler Gaming
Sniffler Gaming Ай мурун
I really wanna know troys credit score😭
Christopher Fontenot
Christopher Fontenot Ай мурун
Opening pack are a percentage of what you make from opening packs
Yaboy Yaboy
Yaboy Yaboy Ай мурун
Who else is going through comments just to find the time when troydan pulls dark matter lol
Jaime Hernandez
Jaime Hernandez Ай мурун
1:46:38 is what you came here for
Gage Pegher
Gage Pegher Ай мурун
It happened on the 8th pack after 240 packs were open
Gerald Richardson
Gerald Richardson Ай мурун
I almost feel sorry for gary food review cause he just want to be famous
Marix Music
Marix Music Ай мурун
2:39:50 I skiped from 1 minute to that and i see dark Matter LOL
Troy Taylor
Troy Taylor Ай мурун
aclockworktroy Ай мурун
Cole Petrovich
Cole Petrovich Ай мурун
Is it bussin gary
darren towner
darren towner Ай мурун
What platform do u stream on i wonna catch one love ur vids bro 100% funniest guy on youpube
Xavier Hahn
Xavier Hahn Ай мурун
Kobe on the 8th pack of the 24th box?
Tyler Hancock
Tyler Hancock Ай мурун
Bring back dumb joe
Daddy solo DF
Daddy solo DF Ай мурун
So no like gta stream
Eye Gaming
Eye Gaming Ай мурун
PSA: you shouldn’t open packs unless you know they are like the 2k19 DYNAMIC DUO PACKS only the real ones know
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